The Mill Chain Project

📢🚀 At Martimucci, Mill Chain is in full swing, a new project that focuses on innovation, research, and development in the world of milling! 🌾

💡 In fact, we have just concluded an important meeting with the partners who will be joining us in these days:

🤝 Procmatech, based in Modugno.

🏢 Login SRL, with offices scattered throughout Italy but with its heart in Melfi.

💻 Software Design, based in Modugno.

🎓 The University of Bari, for a good dose of academic wisdom.

🔍 Dyrectalab, entrusted with consultancy.

Our intention is to share every step of this extraordinary adventure with you!

Follow us to stay updated on all the latest news and interesting facts about the Mill Chain project. 🌾

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