If nothing happens by chance, we have had the great fortune to grow in a territory rich in tradition and culture of eating well. A land where we have never abandoned the pleasure of kneading with our hands and to marvel at the fragrance of our creations. For this reason, we decided to preserve, pass on and share our Altamuran milling art with the whole world.

for future generations.

Hand down
our traditions.

our experience.

the WHEAT transformation


Before planting, we prepare the soil by implementing a series of careful and functional agricultural practices to achieve a good harvest: plowing, leveling, and meeting the nutritional needs of the soil are just the first three steps of this procedure.


Sowing generally takes place during the autumn. We select our wheat based on the type of soil and climate, as the final quality result depends on the soil and climatic conditions in which the plant grows.


After the germination of the seeds, we wait for the wheat to grow while constantly monitoring the soil's needs. Occasionally, supplementary irrigation may be necessary to provide the plants with the right amount of water required for their nourishment.


We continuously monitor the plants during their growth to prevent the proliferation of weeds, which we remove through the practice of weeding, and to treat any diseases that the plant may be susceptible to.


The process of spike growth culminates in maturation: the moment when the grain becomes dry enough to be harvested and then processed.


This step combines the two phases of harvesting and threshing, which were previously performed separately. Harvesting involves the collection of mature grasses, while threshing involves the separation of cereal grains from the straw and chaff.


The final step of our production. We process and prepare the grains to obtain our flour, semolina, and re-milled semolina: all ready to reach our retail points, foodservice, and large-scale retail (GDO), and make their way to the tables of all food enthusiasts.

Good is not
ENOUGH it must
also be wholesome

At the base of all our creations, from semolina to pasta, we chose to respect nature and wait according to its times. What do we have achieved? Products that are not only good, but also genuine, like those of the past.

Our commitment

We pay attention to our impact. We have supply chain agreements with local producers, granting bonuses to farmers to ensure that the wheat meets specific requirements we have set to guarantee high-quality raw materials. We protect the territory starting from our choices: we were born and continue to cultivate and produce throughout the Altamura province. By eliminating distances through a very short supply chain and continuing to invest in our land.

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