Harvesting 2023

🌾 The dance of the fields comes to a halt, but our gratitude for the harvest month remains unchanged! 🌾

With the end of the month of July, we close a chapter filled with tradition and passion: the harvest month. Thanks to this ancient practice, every year we gather the precious fruit of the land, wheat, which bestows upon us endless wealth.

For generations, Molino and Pastificio Martimucci have dedicated heart and soul to producing high-quality flours and artisanal pasta, working with love and respect for nature.

Our mission is to bring genuine and nutritious products to your table, preserving the authenticity and goodness of times past. Every step, from sowing to harvesting, is a tribute to the land for us.

We look to the future with hope, knowing that the wheat continues to ripen, carrying with it the promise of new bountiful harvests.

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