The Martimucci Mill


Martimucci milling industry is a company of excellence; for over half a century it has been a leader in the Italian cereal sector. Today, it represents a reference point in the production of high quality semolina and remilled durum wheat semolina for bakery products and high quality pasta. The company is located in the Apulian Murgian hills , a burren but fascinating place at the same time, where the land produces grain with special qualities. It was founded in 1953 by Giovanni Martimucci and today it is run by the three brothers, Giuseppe, Salvatore and Michele, The business project carried out by the three brothers is clear and ambitious: to bring together the best examples of their area to offer the market high quality products in full respect of the territory. This is the principle of the short chain, in which Martimucci is among the first representatives in Italy.