Martimucci fresh pasta

Martimucci produces fresh pasta, starting from the selection of the best durum wheat which is wisely processed in its plants. The Company is among the first businesses ensuring that the entire production process from the selection of wheat to the production of semolinas to the production of pasta fulfills the "from-farm-to-fork" idea, paying attention to all steps from producers to consumers.
Today , the Martimucci mill can count on two breakthrough plant with a productive capacity of up to 24.000 kg of fresh pasta per day. The pasta is preserved in a modified atmosphere.
Discover our production lines: Classic, Organic, Whole, bronze extruded pasta and the certified Quality Products of Apulia.
The Company has certified food safety management and traceability systems.
Classic, whole, organic, bronze-extruded pasta, 100% Italian wheat and the certified Apulia Quality Products are sold in 250, 400 and 500 g packs.
The Martimucci mill and pasta factory adopts accurate protocols which ensure the genuineness, healthiness and traceability of all its products, carrying out several tests and analysis to meet the most stringent standards.