Molino Martimucci

Martimucci milling industry is a company of excellence; for over half a century it has been a leader in the Italian cereal sector. Today, it represents a reference point in the production of high quality semolina and remilled durum wheat semolina for bakery products and high quality pasta.

The company is located in the Apulian Murgian hills , a burren but fascinating place at the same time, where the land produces grain with special qualities. It was founded in 1953 by Giovanni Martimucci and today it is run by the three brothers, Giuseppe, Salvatore and Michele.

The business project carried out by the three brothers is clear and ambitious: to bring together the best examples of their area to offer the market high quality products in full respect of the territory. This is the principle of the short chain, in which Martimucci is among the first representatives in Italy.

A history of tradition, territory and passion

It is values such as tradition, respect and genuineness that are the driving force and transform the project into a mission. From 150 thousand quintals of wheat in the early 80's to the current 800 thousand quintals per year. But it is with the arrival in the company of their sons, Giuseppe, Salvatore and Michele that the scope of the project assumes dimensions and connotations of notable importance.

In 1986, strong of the consolidated relationship with the different local realities, Molino Martimucci created, in fact, a structure that today can boast a high production capacity: 2500 quintals per day with an increasing production propensity.

2500 quintals per day

Modern and reliable systems, part of a precise growth plan that includes constant investments aimed at satisfying and, often, anticipating the growing needs of the market.
This strategy led, in 1995, to the implementation of the industrial plexus dedicated to the production of fresh pasta. This is a step that completes the circle of the land-mill-pasta factory and diversifies, at the same time, the company's offer.
A virtuous business model, that of the Martimucci’s family, which can count on an organization designed to ensure effective relations between the various departments and propose solutions suited to the market.

Selection of the best grains

Commitment, innovation and quality

The strong point of the company has always been the production of remold semolina for bread making, pizzerias and pastry shops, as well as durum wheat semolina for artisan and industrial pasta making and 100% national grain blends under the Apulia Quality Brand.

Starting from the selection of the best grains, with an eye on Apulian production, the flagship of the Martimucci’s brand. In fact, the company is certified for the production of remold semolina for Altamura PDO bread, a choice that guarantees particular controls, regulated by a specification in all its phases.

Genuinely, health and traceability

Harvesting is carried out using large threshing machines. The golden color of the spikes gives way to that of the earth, the landscape changes while waiting for the future season, a unique experience.
The wheat arrives at the mill where a sample is taken and is immediately analyzed in the in-house quality control laboratory. Molino Martimucci adopts accurate protocols aimed at ensuring the authenticity, wholesomeness and traceability of all its products, carrying out, at various times, tests and analyses according to the most rigorous standards.

Our certifications


Every process comes to life in Altamura, a symbolic city for bakery art in the world. A place where grain is synonymous with wealth and bread with knowledge. In fact, there are numerous process, system and product certifications.

UNI EN ISO 22005:2008
UNI EN ISO 22000:2005
Bio Certification
Product with Apulia Trademark of Quality
IFS Food Standard
Pane DOP Altamura